A rare, natural white metal known for its durability and purity, platinum is typically 95-percent pure.

Reasons to love it: Platinum is naturally a pure white metal, it won’t reflect any colour onto your centre stone.  Platinum’s density makes it extremely durable, meaning it will keep your diamond or other gemstone protected. When platinum scratches (as all metals do), there is very little metal lost.  As a result your platinum ring will withstand years of wear, making it the perfect metal for everyday.  Platinum’s purity makes it naturally hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin.  Platinum is a great choice for engagement rings and wedding bands because it won’t change colour or fade.  Platinum is seen to symbolize a relationship that will endure.


Gold in its purest form is naturally a rich yellow metal and is classed as 24K or 100 % gold.  It is combined with different metal alloys for added strength and intense colour. 18K gold is 75% pure, 9k is 37.5% pure.  Contrary to popular believe 9K is not more durable than 18K. The higher the proportion of gold the more valuable the jewellery is.

The vast array of gold alloys, mean gold is available in a rainbow of colours, including white, green, and rose (see below). Yellow gold is made into white gold when mixed/ alloyed with palladium, the surface is then plated with rhodium, to give it a glowing white. However, the coating may eventually wear away and return to its original colour.  If you like your metal bright white you can re-plate your 18k White every 18 months in any reputable jewellers. 

Reasons to love it: It's also more widely available and therefore less expensive than some other metal options, and the various added alloys mean you can personalize your hue.



The warm hues of the pink-tinted metal are achieved by mixing gold with varying proportions of copper and silver alloys. The more copper alloy in the metal, the deeper the rosy tones will be.

Reasons to love it: One of rose gold's especially attractive aspects is its underlying meaning. While white gold represents friendship and yellow gold means fidelity, rose gold represents love. Plus, it's durable and has a look that's pleasing against many skin tones.



A naturally white metal, this noble metal is also used as an alloy in white gold and since 2010 has been classed as a precious metal, which is compulsory to hallmark.

Reasons to love it: Similar to platinum, palladium won't tarnish, is durable, therefore great for everyday wear and is hypoallergenic.  Palladium's lower density makes it lighter and cheaper than it sister metal platinum. It also has a darker, grey tone than platinum.  The metals properties make it great to machine and is therefore perfect for a gents wedding ring. 



In jewellery terms ‘recycled’ means refining antique metal such as platinum or gold and then crafting it into a new piece. The metal takes on the colour and traits of its dominant alloy.

Reasons to love it: It's always in style to consider the environment. Combine recycled metal with conflict-free diamonds and other gems for a completely eco-friendly and custom look. Béo’s team can rework a vintage family piece of jewellery into something that can be worn every day. Bonus: It's your something old and something new all rolled into one.



Fair-trade gold helps miners and their communities to work their way out of poverty.  Fair-trade Certified Gold is the world's first independent ethical certification system for gold.  Buying Fair-trade Gold makes a real difference to the lives of miners, their families and communities. Jewellery with the Fair-trade Gold Stamp is extra special. Buying it means you know the small-scale and artisanal miners were paid a fair price, giving them financial security.  They also receive an extra amount of money to invest in building the future of their families and their communities, through education, medical care or environmental projects.

Reasons to love it:  It's an ethical purchase, a way give back to the community that works to produce your piece of jewellery. Combine fairtrade gold with conflict-free diamonds and other gems for a completely eco-friendly and custom look. Béo’s team can rework a vintage family piece of jewellery into something that can be worn every day. Bonus: It gives you a feel good factor.

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