Béo fine jewellery is created to be worn and treasured. Traditional gold-smithing techniques are applied to ensure the precious gemstones are safely secured.  Your Béo Jewellery requires a little care and attention to keep it looking its best.  Daily wear, dust and impurities unite to mist the brilliance of a gemstone and dull the surface of precious metals.

As with all luxury items, you should take care to protect it and keep it looking its best; here is a list of Béo Do’s to keep your jewellery sparkly:



+ Store your jewellery in separate pouches or sections in your jewellery box.


+ Store your jewellery somewhere dry or use a desiccant crystal packet.


+ Avoid wearing jewellery when playing sport, on the beach, swimming, cleaning, gardening or washing.


+ Avoid hot water, household chemicals, perfumes or hairspray, this may cause discolouration.


+ Take care not to drop, knock, or scratch your jewellery.


+ Check regularly for wear, as settings can become loose, especially worn for many years or get caught on garments. It may be best to check this with reputable jeweller at least once a year.


+ Re-plate and polish your plated jewellery at least once a year with a reputable jeweller.


+ Regular cleaning of your jewellery in warm soapy water with a soft babies tooth brush will keep it sparkling, with the exception of pearls emeralds and opals. 

The later 3 Jewellery types can be cleaned using a soft cloth or ideally brought to professional jewellery cleaner: see the separate information about how to care for pearls and gemstones.


We’re happy to advise if you have any further queries or would like additional advice about the best way to look after your jewellery - contact our personal shopper for more information.