beo story



Béo  (Gaelic)  1.  'to live'. 


Every Béo London piece draws on the experiences of several established designers and artisans. 

Whether it is to celebrate a momentous occasion or embellish every-day life,

Béo offers an exclusive selection of bridal and fine fashion jewellery


Founded by Kelly Hart, an expert in bridal jewellery,

passionate about great design and excellent craftsmanship.  Her innovative style has

seen her recognised by her industry, receiving awards and accolades for her fine jewellery design.  

Kelly has designed for a diverse range of clients and collections from best selling bridal designs to edgy catwalk

pieces, Kelly keeps at the cutting edge of design trends informing her work with an immersion

in the fashion and jewellery markets around the world.


When Kelly isn't designing her next collection, she is blogging about exquisitely designed luxury items,

sourcing exceptional gemstones, or travelling the globe visiting fashion & jewellery shows.  Feel free to contact Kelly

for help finding an exclusive engagement ring, wedding ring, or unique gift.



"Béo, live life luxuriously"


Kelly Hart Beo London Managing director