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Commissioning Béo to make a bespoke piece of jewellery means working with creative director and company founder, Kelly Hart. Kelly's innovative style has seen her officially recognised by her industry, receiving awards and accolades for her fine jewellery design and manufacture. She has designed collections for a diverse range of clients; from best-selling bridal to edgy catwalk pieces. Her extensive knowledge base and personable nature means that not only do you recieve a piece of jewellery that represents your vision, you can also be assured of receiving great creative flair, quality service and beautiful craftsmanship when commissioning a Béo piece.


Whether you would like to save a family heirloom from gathering dust in your jewellery box and transform this into a piece that can be worn every day, or commission a brand new distinctive piece for a special occasion, Béos bespoke jewellery design service takes you on an exciting journey.


The Béo bespoke experience starts with a consultation, either in person or over the phone. Here you will discuss design ideas, stones and inspiration. We will also establish the design direction and budget that works for you.  When this is proposed, beautiful design sketches will be created and an array of gemstones will be sourced for you to select from. 


Once you have selected the perfect gemstone and decided on your design style, technical scale drawings will be completed for your approval. This will then be drawn in three dimensions and built in a plastic resin ready to be reviewed and cast. The best and final part of the experience comes when you are presented with an item of bespoke jewellery to be cherished by you and future families members. 


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Béo is happy to discuss options to suit ANY budget. The Béo bespoke service also offers a complimentary consultation which is a wonderful way to get some guidance before you begin. Whether the starting point is adapting a family heirloom, personalising an existing Béo Design or a completely new creation, we will work with you to transform your ideas into a jewel to be treasured for a lifetime.




To begin creating your own unique piece of jewellery call: +44 792 6234 471

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